I've been burning through George R. R. Martin's "A Song of Ice and Fire" books lately. I usually fluctuate between biographies and fiction, but I find that most of the books that have really absorbed me fully over the years have been really good epic fantasies. It's funny, because my art goes in such a different direction, but I keep getting drawn to these big stories. I first noticed A Game of Thrones a while back when HBO started their series, but I really got interested when a whole bunch of completely different artists that I follow professed their love for it to the internet on their own blogs and started making art inspired by it.

Dragons play a fairly major part in the series. I've always thought that they were the coolest -- I spent a lot of time drawing them as a kid, and I've actually spent a lot of time drawing them quickly recently with kids that I teach. But I haven't really tried to piece one together using reference like I do my actual work. Here's a start? I found a bunch of cool looking lizards to put together as inspiration.

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  1. I love the intelligent look in its eyes reinforced by the portrait composition. I haven't seen a smart dragon since Bob Eggleton. Everyone does killing machines nowadays.

    I've just discovered the magic of audiobooks and now they're my favorite thing while working. The really good ones have an entire cast of voice actors so the story unfolds like a movie in the theater of your mind. Apparently, Orson Scott Card is a Shakespearean-style playwright so anything by him is magical in audio. So far, The Golden Compass is also fantastic.

    Love your blog~