In 1931, a somewhat young (I'm more familiar with his later stuff, like "You Can't Take it With You", or more famously "It's a Wonderful Life") Lionel Barrymore won Best Actor for his portrayal of Stephen Ashe in "A Free Soul".

It was weird drawing him younger. I'm used to him having much longer eyebrows.


New spots for FDU Alumni Magazine! Newark Mayor Corey Booker (top) and former New Jersey Governor and current New Jersey Senate member Richard Codey.

1929 and 1930 and 2012?

In 1929 (top), Warner Baxter won best actor for his portrayal of The Cisco Kid in "In Old Arizona". And he apparently wore an ENORMOUS hat.

In 1930 (bottom), George Arliss won best actor for playing Bejamin Disraeli in "Disraeli".

I broke my own pact by not posting last week, but in my own defense, I spent most of last week away from my studio for the holidays! Lame excuse. As a result, there'll be another post this week. There has to be anyways, because I have another few small spots for FDU coming up very quickly, but I'd also like to get another actor or two in.

Here's to an excellent, illustration-filled 2012!! Picture making for the win!!