Golden Globe fishing in.... Yemen

For the LA Times. Ewan McGregor! Fish! Statuettes! Organic shaped compositions!

Stop texting in class, Plato

For FDU's Spring 2013 issue. Plato, Nietzsche, Lucretius, Saul, and Wittgenstein.

I think I liked doing Lucretius the best, but texting Plato might be a great icon of my work for years to come.

Heidegger and Winston

And the deluge continues.... both of these are for Drew University's Alumni Magazine. The first was a full page for a feature article on the philosopher Martin Heidegger and his secret Nazi past; the second was a spot on debunking Winston Churchill.

Stay tuned for more! Lots more!


For BMCC's alumni mag. Another band, this time, "Spuyten Duyvil".

And more work.

For The LA Times again. This one was really cool.

Bill Nighy = win.

So much work!

Hello internet!

A whole bunch of work to upload, but I'll start with this one. This was on the November 19 cover of The Washington Post's Capital Business insert.

More Elections

I only just realized that I never posted this, and I felt shame, because this is a couple of months old. I did this for the op-ed page of the LA Times in July, and it was such a huge thrill. I love op-ed. I worship op-ed. I was overjoyed to have an op-ed assignment at all, let alone from the LA Times. Had a blast with this.

Oh, and I was reminded because I have something else in the works for them now. If I am a good little illustrator, it will show up on my blog later this week.


He's more machine now, than man.

Wine Tasting

For FDU, about an alumni wine tasting event.


I did this a little while ago for BMCC... we decided towards the end to throw in some color digitally, which is a lot different from how I usually work, but I ended up loving how this came out.

LA Times

This was a lot of fun! I love assignments like this -- I was able to get some really great concepts in the sketches. The turnaround was really fast; only a couple of days. 

In other news, I seem to have let my blog go again... I have so much stuff to post from the last few months, it's not even funny. More on that later?

Oh, and for those of you that are interested, I finally got around to updating my website. New splash image on the main page, and I took out 6 color pieces and put 6 new ones in their place. A lot of new work! The black and white section is kind of shabby right now, but never fear -- I basically took almost everything out, and I'm preparing to update it with all of the stuff I've done in the last few years. That'll probably be up within the next few days.


Just finished this for FDU. I love Clint Eastwood, and his face.

This is a Gemsbok

Sorry internets... I appear to have let the ol' blog collect some dust as of late. I have a pretty big back-log of stuff to post as a result, like this Gemsbok. I'm taking this really fun class at the Museum of Natural History (those of you who know me may know that it's my favorite place in the world) where we get to go draw the animals in the dioramas after hours when 9483984039403 tourists aren't leaning all over you asking what you're drawing. It's quiet, and you get to really soak the place in. Despite the fact that it has almost no relation to what I do, I feel like the art in the murals in that museum are a big part of what inspired me to want to make art in the first place -- you can just get so lost in them. It's a treat to be able to do this week after week.

I've got a few commissions to share too, so stay tuned!


A work in progress. My favorite is the figure in the top left oiling him like he's the tin man.


In 1931, a somewhat young (I'm more familiar with his later stuff, like "You Can't Take it With You", or more famously "It's a Wonderful Life") Lionel Barrymore won Best Actor for his portrayal of Stephen Ashe in "A Free Soul".

It was weird drawing him younger. I'm used to him having much longer eyebrows.


New spots for FDU Alumni Magazine! Newark Mayor Corey Booker (top) and former New Jersey Governor and current New Jersey Senate member Richard Codey.

1929 and 1930 and 2012?

In 1929 (top), Warner Baxter won best actor for his portrayal of The Cisco Kid in "In Old Arizona". And he apparently wore an ENORMOUS hat.

In 1930 (bottom), George Arliss won best actor for playing Bejamin Disraeli in "Disraeli".

I broke my own pact by not posting last week, but in my own defense, I spent most of last week away from my studio for the holidays! Lame excuse. As a result, there'll be another post this week. There has to be anyways, because I have another few small spots for FDU coming up very quickly, but I'd also like to get another actor or two in.

Here's to an excellent, illustration-filled 2012!! Picture making for the win!!