This is a Gemsbok

Sorry internets... I appear to have let the ol' blog collect some dust as of late. I have a pretty big back-log of stuff to post as a result, like this Gemsbok. I'm taking this really fun class at the Museum of Natural History (those of you who know me may know that it's my favorite place in the world) where we get to go draw the animals in the dioramas after hours when 9483984039403 tourists aren't leaning all over you asking what you're drawing. It's quiet, and you get to really soak the place in. Despite the fact that it has almost no relation to what I do, I feel like the art in the murals in that museum are a big part of what inspired me to want to make art in the first place -- you can just get so lost in them. It's a treat to be able to do this week after week.

I've got a few commissions to share too, so stay tuned!