The Graduate

Spot for Rutgers Magazine. The article was a small advice column for recent graduates going home to bleak job prospects and, well, their parents. Fun!

Recent goings-on...

Spots and small amounts of progress work for a few articles in FDU's alumni magazine. There's a third on the way -- my computer just returned from the computer doctor's office and so I lost a few days.

To come:
- Editorial piece for Rutgers Magazine -- a 1/8 page spot. Final and process work to come sometime in the next few days.
- More work on Applefest 2010. I have a lot of process work already. I think there will be a final drawing next week.
- Editorial piece for the Marathon Group on the civil war. Also incredibly exciting. Details and process work to come.

A Scanner Danny, Rahmbo

My new scanner came in the mail the other day. I am officially up and running now. The above drawing is a little dated -- it was produced during the flurry of press on the White House Chief of Staff while passing Health Care Reform was looking bleak.

Things in progress:
- AppleFest 2010
- Spots for FDU Magazine
- A personal piece about eating disorders.

More posts to come soon!