Final drawing for an article about the reform of forensic science. Painting to follow.


I've noticed that I've just been putting a lot of finished work up lately, so maybe it's time to freshen things up. Above are some media experiments I've been working on. I've been trying to figure out different ways that I can use both ink, graphite, and acrylics. This is just the start, really -- I want to do a lot more. Hopefully in the end I'll come up with something really interesting!


I'd wanted to do an image like this for a while. I love checkers!

Haiku Poster: Final

Finally. Here it is! There may be a few more edits on the type.

Edit: The poster was accepted! Yay! It will be on display somewhere in downtown Syracuse... next year!

Jerk, November

Above are my contributions to Jerk Magazine's November issue. The article was about the reforms going on within the juvenile detention/alternative school system. Cool beans! As always, the Jerk people are really wonderful to work with.

Syracuse Poster Project -- Drawing

So, this is the final drawing for my entry into the Syracuse Poster Project. Every year, the Syracuse University Illustration department collaborates with the city and area poets to make these fantastic posters that decorate the downtown area. Basically, you get a whole bunch of haikus done by area poets (these range from kids to professionals), you chose your favorite, and you make an illustration. It's limited to senior illustrators, and even among those, only 12 are chosen. But it's a load of fun!!

The haiku I chose goes as follows:

Clinton Square Fountain
soaks me intermittently.
You carry my shoes.

So, basically my interpretation is pretty straight-forward. But man, am I excited about this piece! There are a few elements that couldn't be included with the drawing -- the type of the haiku, for example, will be done by hand on the right side. And the dress will not be a big black shape in the final -- there's going to be a dark under-dress, but on top of it will be lace done in gouache. It's going to be so much fun to paint! Stay tuned for the final!


An illustration for an article about the search to replace Ted Kennedy as the senator from Massachusetts. The immediate search was very much about finding a Ted Kennedy/60th vote for health-care stand-in and not very much about finding a new senator.

Apple Fest!

The Downtown Westfield Corporation asked me to do an illustration for their upcoming autumn apple festival. Here's the final drawing.


The above piece, "Wolf in Sheep's Clothing", was accepted into CMYK 45. Congratulations to the other accepted entries!

Obama-Mania, Finals

Here's the final art. Took me a really, really long time, but I'm satisfied.


I've recently been commissioned to do two illustrations for Manhattan Commons magazine. I have to do a cover and an inside piece. The article talks a lot about how the accomplishments of the first 100 days of the Obama administration were obscured by attempts at bipartisanship that the author sees as futile. I decided to focus on that. The hands and commotion surrounding the President will be painted red and blue, representing the left and right respectively. Obviously, there's a lot more process work -- these were just the polished ones I sent to the art director. I'll put up some more process work and final painting as they come. The first sketch (labeled sketch number 3) was approved for the inside illustration. The last one (labeled sketch number one) was approved for the cover of the publication.

Habeas Corpus

I think I should stop painting Abraham Lincoln for a little while. This is getting out of hand.