So, I don't usually post my final drawings, but it strikes me that that's a shame. This is the piece that came out of the studies I was working on last week. It's part of a bunch of contributions to drum up excitement for the second issue of gratuitous type, a small Brooklyn magazine. The wonderful AD, Elana Schlenker, asked only that the art embody the concept of the number two. I tried to push things a bit -- the concept isn't incredibly obvious, but it's there. I really want to try and force people to look.

I always go this far with my drawings, and then I paint right on top of them. I am definitely more of a draftsman than a painter, and I am always either working with that or fighting it. I do scan all of the drawings for each piece before I throw color down, for my own records. I am planning a subtle color palette for this piece, but I also really just like it simply in black and whites.

Also, I don't usually include animals, and I'm really pleased with the way the fox turned out.


  1. Very cool, Danny! I think you achieved what you were going for - making people look for the connection to the title. I had to look at it for a bit before I saw it, but it made it that much more awesome when I did!

    Great job! Thanks for sharing!

  2. The hair/fur has really good texture throughout.