So, two weeks ago I graduated from Syracuse University, summa cum laude. It was a very high note to end four years on -- in addition to academic honors, I graduated with the Outstanding Senior Award, given to the best graduating illustrator in the department, and the Thomas Yohe award, which came with a nice little going away gift. I made some fantastic friends, learned more than I could ever have imagined, and became an illustrator. I owe Syracuse everything. I will miss studio and my classmates tremendously.

But now the real work starts. I've spent the past two weeks both recovering and putting together a new studio space. I have one small freelance gig I'm working on, and then I have to start work on this year's Applefest poster (we're doing it a bit earlier this year), which should be a blast. I'm also sending out cards like a madman. It's up to around 50-something right now and there's a new batch of 20 for this week. And then in a few months, they go out again. And again. And again. Until the end of days. How exciting! The above work was the first thing I did upon getting home -- a thank you card specially printed for all of the nice people that commented on my portfolio at Lubin House.

Oh, and if posts are few and far between right now, it's because I NEED A SCANNER. The first thing to miss about school was the access to equipment. I've had to get several things scanned at home, and it's been nuts. The first time I tried the staples in town and they had sent the scanner guy home, so I went to Kinkos and they charged me eight dollars for ONE SCAN. I was furious but I really had no choice. The second time I went to staples, and the scanner-man was there, so I got it for 50 cents. Ugh. Hopefully this issue will be corrected soon. I'll post a lot more artwork then.

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  1. You know it's funny...when you said you were going to do a portrait of a man tipping his hat I just assumed it would be more of a close-up (just the hat/face, maybe a bit of shoulder). I find it interesting how we all interpret words differently. Love the piece, glad the scanner finally came in. I think I might post an update on my blog now, haha.