I feel like I haven't seen the outside world in so long. There's only the computer screen. This project, not surprisingly, is taking forever. First there was the drawing, then there was the scanning, then there was the cleaning, then there was the formatting. Now: the inking. This part will be done digitally, because I really really really don't want to mess these drawings up. This way I can do it again and again and again until I'm satisfied! And then maybe someday I'll finish!

Anyhow, I think I've finally got a system worked out for the digital ink blotches. Above is something of a prototype. The drawing, of course, is Abraham Lincoln. He's one of my favorite drawings out of the entire batch -- I think because I've drawn him soooo many times, he comes more naturally to me. I feel like I know his face. That's kind of weird.

Picture an entire book of these. Go ahead. Do it.

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  1. your post suggesting a greater internets presence was deception.