Syracuse Poster Project -- Drawing

So, this is the final drawing for my entry into the Syracuse Poster Project. Every year, the Syracuse University Illustration department collaborates with the city and area poets to make these fantastic posters that decorate the downtown area. Basically, you get a whole bunch of haikus done by area poets (these range from kids to professionals), you chose your favorite, and you make an illustration. It's limited to senior illustrators, and even among those, only 12 are chosen. But it's a load of fun!!

The haiku I chose goes as follows:

Clinton Square Fountain
soaks me intermittently.
You carry my shoes.

So, basically my interpretation is pretty straight-forward. But man, am I excited about this piece! There are a few elements that couldn't be included with the drawing -- the type of the haiku, for example, will be done by hand on the right side. And the dress will not be a big black shape in the final -- there's going to be a dark under-dress, but on top of it will be lace done in gouache. It's going to be so much fun to paint! Stay tuned for the final!

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  1. I am also excited about this piece. Very nouveau-y and deco-y. Good impact for a poster too, BAM!